Collected Letters from the Sink

Compiled and with analysis by Roland Amaranth. First edition, published 1323 AC, Great Library of Gnosi. Second edition, unpublished.

“A Thin World”


Hurn is a thin world. Your world is thick! If you punch the ground, you’ll probably hurt yourself. If you read an elegeic poem, probably nothing will be different! Your world mostly stays put.

Hurn is different. Sure, most of the time when people punch the ground, the ground punches back. But sometimes when someone recites an elegy, they find part way through it’s actually a limerick! It’s a bit disconcerting. And it’s not just a trick played by a monkey god, swapping the poem. It’s a bit of dream seeping through and changing the underlying motivation.

See, in your world, the world is so thick that dreams are quite a ways from reality. There’s a whole world in between! That keeps things pretty orderly.

But in Hurn, the world is so thin, you’re actually closer to dreams than you are to the horizon. It makes cartography interesting, that’s for sure.



Arrived at Dovecoral this evening. Large and prosperous. Similar architecture to back home, though more wood and less stone.

Saw a large temple for a sungod of some sort on my way in. Not Awendala, but it’s almost something of home.

Took a walk on the shore of the Dragonomen Bay. They say it’s named after a local legend, but it didn’t give me any answer, draconic or otherwise.

Sky sinks into night.
Wheeling seabirds strive to soar
only to falter.
What hope then for these sore feet
far from their heart-marked shore path?


“Perhaps Hurricane is there”


No, he is not under the trees.
Hurricane is cooking a fish on the shore.
The 11th of Hawk and 7 days bring the 7th of Wind.

Perhaps Hurricane is there,
swimming after the east-bound island.
5 more days bring the 1st of Wind.

Perhaps he waits below,
watching for ships in a watery place.
Ten days bring the 11th of Threshold.

A Board


A pilgrim asks Master Chian, “If all things are one, how is change universal?”

Chian tells a disciple, “Take that board and hammer a nail in it.” He tells a second disciple, “Remove the nail from that board.” Then he turns to the pilgrim. “Is the board the same?”

“Of course not.”

Showing no reaction, Chian tells the first disciple, “Take a second board and do not hammer a nail into it.” He tells the second disciple, “Do not remove a nail from the board.” Then he looks back at the pilgrim. “And this one?”

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