Arrived at Dovecoral this evening. Large and prosperous. Similar architecture to back home, though more wood and less stone.

Saw a large temple for a sungod of some sort on my way in. Not Awendala, but it’s almost something of home.

Took a walk on the shore of the Dragonomen Bay. They say it’s named after a local legend, but it didn’t give me any answer, draconic or otherwise.

Sky sinks into night.
Wheeling seabirds strive to soar
only to falter.
What hope then for these sore feet
far from their heart-marked shore path?

Found an inn near the docks and got some fried fish. A drunk farmer complained at length about the money he pays Dovecoral for ‘protection’. I asked the innkeeper about this; he says it’s voluntary, but the ‘gov types’ don’t go out of their way to keep who’s paid up a secret, so those that don’t pay get targeted by bandits. Not sure whether to take that at face value.

No animaforms here either; makes me feel uneasy, though I haven’t asked anyone about it. Lots of humans; some elves, dwarves, and kobolds.

Going to investigate this Mage Guild tomorrow. They seem pretty well respected; maybe this one’ll at least know the word ‘oneiromancy’.

[Signed], March 3, 1303 AC, three benches back from the fire in the Whorlhouse as a single crow calls.